About this blog

In April 2012 I switched to facebook’s Timeline format, and realised mine looked a right mess. I had been using facebook as a mini-blog, and the Timeline format revealed the mishmash of personal updates and chat, along with comment on issues of the day and links angling for debate… it looked like the web equivalent of that cupboard under the stairs everything gets chucked into. We had one of those at my parents’ old house; we used to call it the “killer cupboard” because whenever you opened the door something would fall out and assault you. A degree of bravery was needed if you wanted something from the back, and had to crawl in.

I decided it was time to leave facebook to what it is best for (sharing photos and personal news with your nearest and dearest) and create a new home for the links and comments on things that were already in the public domain. So, interwebweaver was born.

One of the main reasons I have resisted blogging for so long is that it works ‘best’ if it is focussed on a particular topic, so that people who are interested in that topic will find and follow you. But this is a personal blog, and my personal interests are really too broad to focus down on one topic – as reflected in the categories I have chosen for my posts. Interwebweaver draws on interesting stuff I have found down the back of the internet, that I either share straight out (short posts) or give a little more thought (longer posts). Hopefully they will draw out the discussion and debate I was angling for on facebook but rarely got… we shall see.

I have no expectations of vast readership or cult blogger status, but if you’re one of the few who have found this and you have something to say about what I write, please join in.

POSTSCRIPT: Since starting this blog, I’ve also joined Twitter as @alrightPET. To be honest, that’s where most of the short and pithy posts go now. The longer – and more personal – ponderings still end up here, albeit less frequently.


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