The World of Good

I was clearing out a cupboard today and found a load of cassettes. I no longer have a tape player, so they will be divided between my parents (who are visiting at the weekend) and the local charity shop.

Amongst them I found this, a Saw Doctors EP entitled World of Good. It was given to me by my first real boyfriend – Simon Glancy – just before I left for university in Nottingham. We’d been together for 2 years. It’s a fantastic track and very fitting… except for the last lines:

“And I know you’d take me with you, if you only thought you could, but if you up and go alone I only wish for you the world of good… I love you girl and I always will, you know you’re part of my life still, but times have changed, it’s understood – I wish for you the world of good.”

That turned out to be rather fateful – our relationship limped through my first year and finally died a death in the October of my second year. I was relieved, but not a little resentful that Simon had pulled the plug when he started his first year but I had stuck by him through mine and been unavailable whilst meeting so many eligible, intelligent and handsome men.

After my finals, emotionally shredded and feeling nostalgic, I went to visit him in Birmingham. We toyed with resurrecting our romance, but when I left I realised that starting over felt like a sizeable step backwards, and I decided against it.

We kind-of kept in touch and our paths crossed a few more times. Simon, myself and Alex (by then my fiancé) once ended up on the same stewarding team… which was, um, interesting. He also turned up uninvited to our wedding and stood right next to me in some of the pictures. Shortly after that, Simon went quiet, and I never heard from him again.

Simon Glancy appears to have vanished from the face of the earth – Google and facebook have drawn a blank. He was a keen climber, so I try not to fear the worst. I have come to accept that he is one of those loose ends from my past that I am never going to be able to tie up.

Wherever you are, Si – I wish for you the world of good.


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